Staff Directory

Do you have a general question? Main number is 512-617-8611 (during office hours) or 512-926-6363

Our fax number is 512-926-6870

Jon Yates, Scout Executive

office: 512-617-8613 cell: 512-496-3289
(Jon supervises our council’s professional staff. He reports to our council's Executive Board as well as the Southern Region and BSA National offices.)

Leigh Wyatt, Executive Secretary
office: 512-617-8621
(Leigh assists with direct communication involving the Scout Executive. She reports to the Scout Executive.)

Will Gregorcyk, Director of Field Service
office: 512-617-8633 cell: 512-944-7697
(Will supervises the Field Directors and reports to the Scout Executive)

Ron Settele, Field Director
office: 512-617-8636 cell: 737-228-6625
(Ron supervises District Executives in Armadillo, Hill Country, Live Oak, Sacred Springs, and Thunderbird Districts)

Edward Barceleau, District Executive, Armadillo District
office: 512-617-8620 cell: 512-944-7729
(Edward helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the central Austin ISD attendance zone, including the Mueller redevelopment area.)

Carl Baker, District Executive, Hill Country District
office: 512-617-8617 cell: 512-468-8060
(Carl helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in Blanco, Burnet, Llano, Gillespie and Mason Counties.)

TBA, District Executive, Live Oak District
(The position of Live Oak District Executive is currently open. Until further notice, please contact Field Director Ron Settele with questions about starting new Scouting units or supporting existing ones in Caldwell, Gonzales, DeWitt, and Lavaca Counties.)

Chris Workman, District Executive, Sacred Springs District
phone: 512-944-7691
(Chris helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in Hays County)

Joey Paulson, District Executive, Thunderbird District
(Joey helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the south and southwest Austin ISD attendance zones.)
cell: 512-571-4064

Luis Rodriguez, District Director, Waterloo District
office: 512-617-8619 cell: 512-944-7681
(Luis helps start new Scouting units in Southeast Austin, Del Valle and Manor ISD attendance zones.)

Jason Gates, Field Director
office: 512-617-8632 cell: 512-221-6039
(Jason supervises District Executives in Bee Cave, Blackland Prairie, Chisholm Trail, Colorado River, North Shore and San Gabriel Districts)

Mike Hanley, Sr. District Executive, Bee Cave District
office: 512-617-8615 cell: 512-748-1849
(Mike helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the Eanes and Lake Travis ISD attendance zones)

Ed Grune, District Director, Blackland Prairie District
office: 512-617-8602 cell: 512-944-7753
(Ed helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the Pflugerville, Hutto, Taylor, Thrall and Coupland ISD attendance zones.)

Bill Kohl, Senior District Executive, Chisholm Trail District
office: 512-617-8612 cell: 512-694-1350
(Bill helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the Round Rock ISD attendance zones.)

Andria Holloway, District Executive, Colorado River District
office: 512-617-8604 cell: 512-960-9928
(Andria helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the Elgin ISD attendance zone and throughout Bastrop, Lee and Fayette Counties.)

Ward Hoffman, District Executive, North Shore District
office: 512-617-8605 cell: 512-944-7752
(Ward helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the Leander and Lago Vista ISD attendance zones.)

Morgan Baxter, Senior District Executive, San Gabriel District
office: 512-617-8603 cell: 512-944-7728
(Morgan helps start new Scouting units and supports existing ones in the Georgetown ISD attendance zone and northern Williamson County.)

Corina Zepeda, Exploring Executive
phone: 512-831-9262
(Corina works with businesses and agencies to start new Exploring programs, support existing Exploring programs, or assists schools who use the Learning for Life curriculum.)

Doug Feicht, STEM Scouts Executive
office: 512-617-8677 cell: 512-944-7754
(Doug works with schools, businesses and community organizations to start new STEM Scouts Labs and support existing ones.)

Brooke Myers, District Associate
phone: 512-944-7732
(Brooke is the primary contact for "The Vortex", our STEM Scouts mobile laboratory.)

Davis Fox, Field Director
office: 512-617-8653 cell: 512-221-6052
(Davis supervises District Executives for Waterloo District, Exploring, and STEM Scouts.)

Rick Denison, Director of Support Service
office: 512-617-8627 cell: 512-944-7751
(Rick is responsible for developing council camping and training programs, the Scout Shop and our council's support staff. He reports to the Scout Executive.)

Teresa Northcutt, Program Director
office: 512-617-8650 cell: 512-944-7726
(Teresa supervises year-round activities and programs, including summer and winter resident camps.)

Keri Smeaton, Support Services
office: 512-617-8610
(Keri is responsible for processing payment and registration for council and district camping, training and events. She is also the Eagle Scout processor. She reports to the Office Manager.)

Jessica Snider, Director of STEM, Conservation and Sustainability
office: 512-617-8651 cell: 512-632-9395
(Jessica is responsible for the Hornaday Award and STEM programs, and oversees conservation work and research on our council's camping properties. She reports to the Director of Support Service.)

Andra Allen, Facility Sales Manager/Fundraising Events Specialist
office: 512-617-8637
(Andra is responsible for scheduling usage of the Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center, including all rental/event agreements, and works with our Development Team to support fundraising events.)

Melanie Crawford, Popcorn Executive
cell: 512-944-7742
(Melanie works with our council's Popcorn Chair and Popcorn Committee to support units' fundraising success. She reports to the Director of Field Service.)

Chris Agee, Director of Development
office: 512-617-8676 cell: 512-993-6780
(Chris provides strategic support to our council's Friends of Scouting campaign and overall fundraising goals.)

Doug Cooper, Development Director
office: 512-617-8616 cell: 512-413-0086
(Doug manages our council's major gifts campaign and is responsible for coordinating and managing special council fundraising events throughout the year. He reports to the Scout Executive.)

David Lawrence, Development Director of Community Engagement
office: 512-617-8672 cell: 512-944-7769
(David engages businesses to participate in our annual Distinguished Citizen's Award Dinner, and connects with STEM-related businesses seeking to work with Scouting.)

Matthew Menely, Director of Endowment
phone: 512-670-6544

Stephanie Gusman, Fundraising Secretary
office: 512-617-8623
(Stephanie processes and records Friends of Scouting campaign contributions, as well as monies and administrative needs connected to council fundraising activities such as unit popcorn sales. She reports to the Finance Director.)

Diana Sullivan, Controller
office: 512-617-8626
(Diana oversees Council accounts and financial activity. She reports to the Scout Executive.)

Laura Schroeder, Accounting Specialist
office: 512-617-8628
(Laura is responsible for recording and tracking transactions involving council financial accounts. She reports to the Controller.)

Charles Mead, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
office: 512-617-8624 cell: 512-966-1586
(Charles is responsible for coordinating and managing publicity, media relations and both printed and electronic communication for our council. He reports to the Scout Executive.)

Gary Wyatt, Office Manager/Web-Events Management
office: 512-617-8614 cell: 512-413-3288
(Gary supervises the front desk receptionist, registrar, camping & activities specialist and council mail room/print shop. He also oversees our council website and events management system. He reports to the Director of Support Service.)

Misty Hale, Receptionist
office: 512-617-8611
(Misty greets customers at the front desk and accepts payments, registration and related forms for council and district events, camping and training. She reports to the Office Manager.)

Ronda Motl, Scout Shop Manager
office: 512-617-8629
(Ronda supervises the Scout Shop staff. She reports to the Director of Support Service.)

Cesiah Molina, Scout Shop Assistant Manager
office: 512-617-8630

Casey Butler/Ron Rector, Scout Shop Clerks
office: 512-617-8630
(Karen, Casey, and Ron greet customers at the Scout Shop and complete sales of merchandise. They report to the Scout Shop Manager.)

Marisol Gonzales, Certified Registrar
office: 512-617-8618
(Marisol is responsible for recording and tracking youth and adult membership registration with BSA's national office. She reports to the Office Manager.)

Debbie Motal, Support Services (Floater)
office: 512-617-8679
(Debbie provides help at the front desk, in registration, and in the accounting department. She reports to the Office Manager.)

Roy Wallace, Facilities Manager
cell: 512-966-1531

(Questions about weekend camping availability should be directed to the Frank Fickett Scout Training & Service Center's front desk at 512-617-8611.)

Kenny Wines, Ranger (Lost Pines/Cub World)
cell: 512-756-0000

PJ Brown, Ranger (Smilin V)
cell: 512-484-9814

Kevin Smith, Ranger (Lost Pines - weekends only)
cell: 512-796-6229

Lost Pines Scout Reservation

Admin Building: 512-303-0768

Wooten Lodge: 512-581-9897

Health Lodge: 512-303-7164

Commissary: 512-303-2176

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