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About Camp Staff

Camp staff is an experience that is truly unforgettable. It is a chance to spend your whole summer working at a beautiful camp while teaching kids and having fun. Every day is fully rewarding to you as a staff member and to the campers in whose lives you have made a difference. Camp work is often demanding as we keep a packed schedule running the campers we serve; but the opportunities, rewards and experiences available to you on camp staff are endless. Serving on camp staff is the best way to spend a summer.

As a Lost Pines Scout Reservation staff member, you will gain:
  • Free room & Board for the summer
  • Competitive salary
  • Strong experience sought by employers
  • Unique teaching and learning opportunities daily
  • Memories and friendships to last a lifetime
  • A chance to make a difference in a child’s life
  • Personal growth and self-confidence
  • Unlimited fun!
2017 Summer Camp Dates: June 4 – July 22, 2017
2017 Winter Camp Dates: Dec 17-23, Dec 26-30

Camp Staff Hiring Deadlines

Camp Staff Hiring Timelines
Application Deadline*
Summer Camp 2017
Camp/Program Director
January 15, 2017
Summer Camp 2017
Area Directors
February 28, 2017
Summer Camp 2017
All Other Positions
March 31, 2017
Winter Camp 2017
Camp/Program Director
August 15, 2017
Winter Camp 2017
Area Directors
October 15, 2017
Winter Camp 2017
All Other Positions
November 1, 2017
*Applications received before this deadline will be given first choice for positions

2017 Summer Camp Average Salary*

Age as June 1, 2017
14-year-old CITs receive no pay, but valuable experience and leadership skills plus room and board.
(15-17)+ year old positions average $700, plus room and board.
18+ year old positions average $2450 depending on position and experience, plus room and board.
21+ year old area director positions average $2800 depending on position and experience, plus room and board
*If working all 7 weeks. Working fewer weeks, means less pay. Individual salaries may vary from this table. Well qualified staff may receive additional compensation. For example: Eagle Scout, Advanced Certification, Advanced Training, etc.

Camp Staff Positions Available

Position  Age Required*
 Camp Director
 Program Director
 Aquatics Director
 Climbing Director
 COPE Director
 ATV Director
 Camp Commissioner
 OA Camp Chief
 16 < 21 and a Brotherhood or Vigil Member
 Pool Director
 Water Front Director
 Scout Craft Director
 Nat-E-Con Director
 Eagle Quest Director
 Living History Director
 Commissioner Staff
 Service and Support
 Chaplain  18+
 Silver Pines Director
 Director of Instruction
 Camp Health Officer
 Medic Staff
 Aquatics Staff
 Scout Craft Staff
 Nat-E-Con Staff
 Shooting Sports Staff
 ATV Staff
 Climbing Staff
 COPE Staff
 Eagle Quest Staff
 Living History Staff
 Trading Post Staff
 Dining Hall Staff
 Counselor in Training
 *Age Required by June 1 (Summer Camp) or Dec 15 (Winter Camp)  

Counselor-in-Training Program

Lost Pines Scout Reservation will use the Counselor-in-Training Program to provide younger Scouts, 14 years of age, an opportunity to serve in a limited staff role at camp. The program exists to  provide an opportunity for persons interested in camp staff to gain experience in a “hands-on” environment.

This will give them a positive experience and allow camp management to get an early look at them and their potential to be a successful full time, paid, camp staff member in the future.

We limit the number of CITs in any one week. Applicants/parents should not assume that acceptance to the CIT Program is automatic. We carefully review the application and experiences and then determine their suitability for staff service.

CITs will work two consecutive weeks at camp where they will interact with full season staff. The program department will schedule the CIT to work in at least 2 different program areas during their service. The service and area is determined by the individual’s aptitude and interests. The schedule is designed to acquaint the CIT with camp programs. CITs will not be permitted to work in camp support positions: Trading Post, Dining Hall, Camp Office, Health Lodge or Commissioners. CIT is a non-paid position.

CITs are required to be present for staff week and will attend as much staff training as possible, as well as attending staff meetings and participating in on-camp staff functions.

There may be advancement opportunities provided or available to CITs during their service, but it is not guaranteed. The priority will be staff support to our campers and camp programs.

Application Process:

  • Apply using the Staff application form
  • CIT candidates will be required to Interview for the position
  • CIT candidates must give a 2-week commitment (continuous) in order to be allowed to serve
  • CITs must attend staff week in order to receive the necessary training to be successful as a camp staffer
  • While CITs may work multiple sessions of camp, they will only be allowed to work two consecutive weeks at a time, unless they have a parent on staff full time (i.e. two weeks on camp, one week off camp and two weeks back at camp)
  • CITs will be sent a work agreement (special to CIT) and all other required forms at least 3 weeks prior to service

At Camp:

  • Check-in (10 AM, Sunday) with CIT Coordinator (Director of Instruction or Program Director)
  • Assigned to staff tent with at least 1 other CIT
  • Issued staff t-shirts, staff patch, staff name badge and staff hat
  • Introduced to full season staff at Sunday Staff Meeting (10:45)
  • Given orientation of camp and staff specific areas/functions by CIT Coordinator


  • Assigned program area for week #1 of service, introduced to that staff, assigned job
  • Assigned program area for week #2 of service, introduced to that staff, assigned job
  • Scheduled to eat at least one meal each day with CIT Coordinator
  • CITs are required to attend all staff functions that occur during their time at camp

End of Service:

  • Camp Management or CIT Coordinator, reviews performance and participation
  • Written recommendation for follow-up in next camp season, and encouraged to apply (based on positive review)
  • CITs, along with all other returning camp staff will be required to reapply for camp staff each session
So if you want to have a blast this summer and think you have what it takes to be a Lost Pines Counselor-in-Training apply today!