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Enrolling your daughter in Cub Scouting

Hello and thanks for you and your daughter's interest in joining Cub Scouting!

We're excited to welcome more youth and families to experience the fun of Cub Scouting... but not every local Cub Scout Pack is ready to enroll girls (if you don't know, a "pack" is the name we give to local groups of Cub Scouts meeting in schools, churches, or other locations in individual neighborhoods of communities).

Here are three ways you can learn whether there is a pack in your area that is already enrolling girls:
  • Ask your school for the best Scouting contact in your community and check with that person
  • Check the blue "Start Here" button below. Follow the instructions on the next page to get a map showing Cub Scout Packs near you. Please note: this map will not display data about packs enrolling girls until June 2018.
  • Fill out the form at www.bsacac.org/join and our staff can match you with one or more packs.

Find a Scout unit near you

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Cub Scouts

Cub Scouting is a year-round program designed to meet the needs of young boys and their parents. Click an area below to learn more about who we are, how the program works, costs and how to join.  See you soon.