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2016 Top Sellers

   Alexander D   

Pack 565
Top Selling Cub Scout

   Hayden R   

Troop 497
Top Selling Boy Scout

Additional Top Selling Scouts
Raghav B (Troop 365), Myles E (Troop 161)
Daniel S (Pack 565), Liam F (Troop 1423)
Lyndon K (Pack 170), Jake G (Troop 565)
Daniel M (Pack 155), Ethan W (Troop 8787)
George F (Pack 406), Brian R (Troop 1993)
John F (Pack 172), Michael C (Troop 162)

Top Selling Unit
Pack 565, Chisholm Trail - $43,925

Top Ranking Council
Over $1.6 Million in Sales
Thank You Capitol Area Council Scouts, Parents & Leaders
$600,000+ in Unit Commission
$1,145,000+ back to Scouting in the Greater Austin Area


  • Unit submitted Keller prize orders have been released and shipped.  Order status and tracking information can be viewed under the prize tab in the Trail's End popcorn system, click Go To Prizes. Deadline to submit Keller prize orders was extended to 12/16/16.
  • Council Prizes have been processed and are available for pickup at the Frank Fickett Scout Center, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.  Deadline to enter Council Prizes was 11/30/16.  
  • Scholarship forms can be submitted to melanie.crawford@scouting.org

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Contact Melanie Crawford at melanie.crawford@scouting.org or 512-944-7742 to:
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