Welcome to the Capitol Area Council Scout Shop online

Please let us know how we can serve you best by calling us at (512) 617-8630 or (800) 444-1910. Or, you may send us an email at CACshop@scouting.org.
NOTE: BSA national policy prohibits us from selling uniforms and other catalog items in this online store. If you are looking for an item that is not sold in this store you can:
a) Visit www.scoutstuff.org and create a "wish list" of the BSA catalog items you want. Then, contact us with your wish list and we'll fulfill your order, saving you shipping charges and keeping more of your dollars local.
b) Visit www.scoutstuff.org, complete your sale on that site and pay more. Please note that our Capitol Area Council Shoulder Patch (required for all uniforms) is a council exclusive, and NOT available through ScoutStuff.