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Chaplain Training Program

Our three part Chaplain training program is focused on providing the best trained and motivated adult leaders, volunteers and youth members to help Scouts uphold their Duty to God from the Scout Oath, and the 12th point of the Scout Law: A Scout is Reverent. A big part of that program is Scouting's religious awards program, which offers more than 75 awards representing 35 faiths.

CLICK HERE to get our council's handbook for Chaplains and Chaplain's Aides

Part 1: Chaplain Fast Start Training
  • Self-paced course taken online
  • Basics of the Chaplain program
  • Complete this course before taking classroom (step 2) or outdoor (step 3) training
  • CLICK HERE to take the course
  • When you're done, please complete the form to the left for Chaplain Committee records
Part 2: Chaplain Classroom Training
  • 2 hour classroom session
  • Covers practical guidelines for unit religious services
  • Training in crisis intervention techniques
  • General references for common conditions like ADD/ADHD, homesickness, etc.
  • Complete Chaplain Fast Start training before taking this course
Part 3: Chaplain Outdoor Training
  • Part of an overnight camp
  • Involves elements of the C.O.P.E. program
  • Involves the adult Chaplain’s working relationship with the Scout Chaplain Aid
  • Service project
  • Promotion of Scouting’s religious awards program
  • Complete Chaplain Fast Start and Chaplain Classroom training before taking this course